UNITY  of Hilton Head: 
A Positive Path
 for Spiritual 
at 10 a.m.

 (Fred Astaire
 Dance Studio)

1300 Fording
 Island Rd.
 (Near Tanger I) 
  Bluffton, SC

We Meet Sunday
at 10 a.m.

Phone: 843-682-8177

Mailing Address: 
 P.O. Box 130
 Bluffton, SC  29910 

Rev. Dr. Julia Johnson
Minister and  CEO

Board of Trustees

Patricia Clinton

Marianne Hartin
Vice President

Pat Bell

Theda Parks


UNITY of Hilton Head:
A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

The Mission Of UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living is to help ourselves and others experience God's unconditional love and acceptance.


Welcome to UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living:  A loving, joy-filled spiritual community made up of people who embrace the spiritual essence in every person. We respect the universal truths in all religions and each individual's right to choose a spiritual path. At Unity, you'll find a spiritual community to join and support you on your journey.

UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living belongs to UNITY Worldwide
which sees God as good and everywhere present and affirms the spark of Divinity in all of us. We believe that we can co-create heaven on Earth through our words, thoughts and actions. Please join us on Sunday for our service or attend one of our classes. You'll find a spiritual family who embraces community spirit, prayer and meditation, sacred service, spiritual education and joyful living.

UNITY of Hilton Head:
A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

Meets Sundays
at 10 a.m.
Seaquins Ballroom
1300 Fording
Island Road, (nearTanger I)
Bluffton, S.C.

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Dr. Julia's email:

October 2013

Prayer: Thinking From the Highest Point of View

It has been said that what we are praying for, is always determined by the consciousness that we are praying from.  What that means to me is that although we don't always get what we are praying for, we always get what we are praying from.  Which is probably why the early church mystic, St. Augustine said: "What we are looking for is what we are looking with and at."

When we pray for abundance from a consciousness of lack, instead of getting more abundance, we increase our abundance of lack.  When we pray for a meaningful relationship from a consciousness of loneliness, instead of meeting the right person, we increase our fear of loneliness.  When we pray for healing and wholeness from a consciousness of disease, we increase our fear of the very disease we are hoping to be healed from.

In other words, the consciousness from which we pray becomes our personal command center within that universal Intelligence that we call God or Spirit.  For me, prayer is really about thinking from the highest point of view.  So that when I pray, I am aware that this universal presence that I call God which is available to everyone, outwardly mirrors the inner consciousness, from which I am projecting my thinking.  In this context, the consciousness from which I am praying becomes much more important than what I am praying for.

That is, if I am praying for wholeness, I must stop talking about sickness and become grateful for the wholeness that already exists in my body.  If I a praying for abundance, I must stop talking and acting out Lack and begin affirming that all my needs are always abundantly supplied.  If I am praying for a life-partner, I must stop talking about how lonely I am and how few available men or women there are in my world and trust that the person whom I am seeking is already seeking me.


Choosing Love,
Dr. Julia